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After The Phone Number

After The Phone Number

>NOTE: This article was written by Craig an expert dating coach at ‘Day Game Dating’. Craig started with the company in mid-2007 and has built up a large following of loyal client’s. Craig regularly runs “bootcamp sessions” or can be hired for “private coaching.

DURING THE DAY we have TWO OPTIONS after our short interaction with women.

We either ask her for her phone number and get on with the rest of our day as planned, or we INVITE her to join us now for a coffee, cake, or whatever we feel comfortable doing.

The point of both these scenarios is to end up on a DATE together where you can move the INTERACTION between the two of you forward by building a STRONGER CONNECTION, ATTRACTION and RAPPORT.

What is important to understand is that when you do eventually use her phone number to set up a MEETING, (or use the instant date option),  the DYNAMICS of the situation change. Now it’s about the TWO OF YOU coming together with the potential of something happening. The PRESSURE is now on because you are both on this DATE for a SPECIFIC REASON, to find out more about each other and to see how compatible you can be.

Now I’m sure that the girl you are with has been on a few dates in her life and has her own specific way that she will HANDLE this meeting between the two of you.

The real question is… How will you handle meeting and dating women?

I do cover the date on the day game bootcamps and private coaching. This is a very important part of the whole process and without the proper understanding of what to do and how to behave. You may still run into difficulty. Keep in mind that I also have a follow up system so that you are not alone after our time together. I want you to succeed! 

What to do on a date, is a whole ART in itself and would take a lot of time to go through and explain everything in one short post. But, like anything that you are LEARNING IN LIFE, if we have some simple but effective PRINCIPLES to help us get along in the meantime. Sometimes the rest of it can end up taking care of itself.

Here are some points that are vital towards having any type of success with women. I strongly recommend that if your not doing these on your dates right now. You get cracking and implement them!

  1. You must take the lead. If you have any chance of her feeling something for you then you must be a man. You must make the decision of where your going, where you will sit, and ultimately when you will leave.
  2. Planning. Whatever you have decided to do with her, make sure that you have planned everything and know where the two of you are going. Don’t leave things up to her on the first date. Make her feel like she is on your ride. Get it!
  3. No Gifts. Don’t show up with any flowers or chocolates. Don’t buy her any flowers or chocolates while on the date either. This is too needy too early on. It comes across as try hard!
  4. Mindset. A very important part of everything and what I teach. On your date, change your thoughts of, “I hope she likes me & I hope this is going OK” (aaarghhh) TO, “She is here with me and I’m giving her a chance to see if I should meet up with her again”. This mindset will come across in the way you behave, guaranteed!!!
  5. Body Language. I’m talking about your body language, not hers. Don’t lean into to her and crowd her. Don’t stare at her and look deeply into her eyes like she is the only girl in the world and you would like to marry her. Just Chill, sit back and relax. Let your eyes and thoughts wonder a bit. Make it a little bit harder for her to get your attention at times. Pull her into your world. Have an Independence about you and let it show in the way you hold yourself. Very Important!
  6. Discussion topics. Early on in the date, keep things light. Do not get into heavy conversations about life and family. Keep it simple. There are 1000’s of things to talk about. The rule is to make it fun. I have funny stories about things that I have done in the past and people I have met. This makes me interesting and her laugh at the same time. Great!
  7. Spice it up. Add come humor into your dialogue. Tease her a little bit about things she does. Make her laugh, show her your not intimidated or too serious. If you know how, Flirt with her!!!
  8. Touching. Keep your hands to yourself for at least the first 20 minutes or so. Give her space, give her a chance to initiate touching with you because you are so funny and charming that she feels something for you and cant help herself. After a while you can begin to initiate light touching to show her that you are comfortable with her too. Nothing sexual!!! Not now, no way.
  9. Leave First. Show her a good time, Show her what a great guy you are and how attractive you can be and then…end it. Leave first. Tell her its been fun but you have things to do. This is very attractive to her by showing her that you have a life and that you are not your typical clingy guy.

The above STEPS are simple but effective. These are PRINCIPLES that are guaranteed to INCREASE your level of success on your dates.

Women have a SPECIFIC WAY that they do things, they usually have a PLAN and know what they want in a man. This is your PLAN to start off with, to get you through your DATES and give her what she ultimately wants.

Thanks for reading


There is a lot more to this and I teach this on my dating bootcamps. I go into even greater detail and explain not only what to do but why it actually works. When you have this deeper understanding of the principals of picking up women and the reason why we actually do specific things. You then develop the freedom to do whatever you want because you understand the why behind it all and it guides you in what to do.

I hold regular day game boot camps and private coaching sessions and would love you to join me. 

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