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Approaching Women Without The Anxiety

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Approaching Women Without The Anxiety

The biggest thing that you can do to help you to approach women and allow for a better interaction is to let go of any outcome!

approach anxietyIf I look at the times when our clients make big breakthroughs in their abilities to cold approach women, It’s when they learn to let go of the result and take a genuine interest in her.

A lot of men are fixated on the words they use and have this belief that having the right things to say will see them through to success. They think that the right approach lines will insure they get a better response. Now I do understand that it’s easy for a guy to see a woman that he likes and instead of just talking to her for the sake of it, he feels a need, a reason to justify approaching. He may start things off by asking her for the time or directions or anything similar along those lines. Excuse the pun…

The challenge with this type of approach occurs when you attempt to have a conversation.

She most likely knows that you just wanted to talk to her and so you end up looking insecure for feeling the need to have an excuse. A guy will try to hide the fact that he wants to meet a girl, so he makes up these excuses for talking to her and so actually makes it harder for himself. He gets off to a bad start because he creates unnecessary barriers. All he had to do was start talking in the first place and stop justifying it.

A woman will respect you a lot more when you are confident in yourself and feel secure with the fact that you want to meet her. If you just walk over and say “hey, I wanted to come over and say hi” she will know that you’re interested in meeting her. She will also also recognize that you’re OK with this and so respond in kind.

This goes back to your inner-self. If you are one of those men that struggle to begin conversations with girls and believe that you need an excuse. This is a good indication that more work (on yourself) is needed…

When you have strong levels of self confidence and lack the outcome dependance, you are free to interact with whoever you want at any time of the day. This is the proper way to approach women.

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