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  • 25 – 45 years of age and still single
  • Successful professional
  • Confident in most areas except dating & relationships
  • Frustrated with this part of his life
  • Sick of flaky so called Dating Gurus
  • Simply wants an experienced professional that can help

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Get a Womans attentionWhen you spend a lot of time working on yourself, learning about women and dating, you begin to transform into a much more attractive man. This is known has “having a good vibe.”

Most of the time we think it’s the clothes, the money and the pickup lines that attract women. As usual, most of the time we are wrong and have no clue when it comes to the essence of attraction. Men think it’s all external, the truth is it’s internal…

It’s About the Vibe

What women are really after is that vibe, that feeling that makes them tingle. Women have a type (let’s not ignore this), they have a type and so physical appearance is important. Being her type puts you ahead of the pack and gives you that initial in… But, and here is the clincher, if she doesn’t feel good in your presence, the attraction isn’t sparked and that “vibe” fails, It simply won’t happen… No matter what!

Get Attractive

If on the other hand you have your shit together, healthy self-esteem, communicative ability, dating insight and experience to back it up, the vibe literally seeps off. She will feel something that will bypass everything else, the clothes, money, good looks and pickup lines. This is called attraction.

It’s not about the outside, it’s about the inside. She does like success, money etc, but this must come as a bonus to an already great guy – a guy with a vibe. You cannot substitute that vibe for external trappings but you can substitute these trappings for a vibe. She must feel it not just see it!

Insecure Men Are Superficial

Superficial men are insecure and women see through it! We as a race try to avoid insecure people but literally hate superficial people. When you are both insecure and superficial you literally repel women. The more you over compensate the worse it gets. It’s a horrible circle, trying so hard to impress the girl and failing even more.

If you have been caught up in this trap and perhaps recognize the danger of overcompensating with superficial trappings to attract women… It’s time to make some changes, to work on what really matters and get your shit sorted!

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I was very impressed by Colin’s professionalism in conducting the bootcamp throughout the entire process from beginning to end. But more importantly, Colin genuinely cares about improving men so that they become better human beings. So that men can lead more fulfilling, well rounded lives. Colin doesn’t just teach you lines to say (in fact, you’d be surprised by how simple his opener is when you take his bootcamp). He teaches you to change your mindset and outlook on life so that the confidence in approaching women will come naturally (in time of course!). Once you finish the bootcamp, you aren’t left floundering on your own. Colin will answer your emails and forum posts. He’s there to help fellas.”


Helluva course…I’m enlivened, encouraged, enlightened, and (to an extent) indebted.
The course is structured so well that most would not understand it’s depth – you’ve done a masterful job As a result of the course I now have a clear idea of what I was doing incorrectly and why my previous interactions didn’t take me anywhere. My conversations were linear and factual. They were ‘safe’ and as I found out – no-one could get turned on or stay turned on by them. There was nothing to nourish the suggestion that sex was on the table. It’s been a fascinating experience, and a mildly confronting start to my journey towards mastery of this. It was great meeting you and Sam. Thanks again


Jack - Melbourne

I am very pleased with the results I have achieved after hiring Colin. I have found that meeting girls and getting interest is very simple when you know what to do. I have gained some great insights and loads of confidence. I would recommend your services to any man looking to improve their dating skills.

Ryan - Adelaide

I cannot thank you enough for showing me my potential and a different way to live. Demonstrating that the fear of rejection and social out casting only exists in my mind is only the tip of the iceberg.

Alex - Sydney

Colin is a solid coach and I am proud to have used his services. He truly runs a professional practice and I fully endorse him. I am now in an amazing relationship after been single for so long. I could not be happier. Thankyou!