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Books On Picking Up Women

Books On Picking Up Women

I have come across many books on picking up women and dating in general. I haven’t read many of them. I look at them for research purposes. But what I have read is utter garbage.

It’s not realistic to read some ‘how-to’ book from an ‘expert’ about how to walk or talk or manipulate a woman into giving you want you want. Real relationships that last are built on mutual interests, trust, and physical attraction.

Trying to put these ‘strategies’ to work will only fail in the long run and keep you from the real focus, being your best self. When you try to follow someone’s ‘scheme’ for picking up girls, you are not being your natural self. This is the major reason for your lack of success in the first place!

Books I do read and can recommend are more about human behavior and psychology. I would rather learn something credible that will enable me to improve my life and grow. This alone will generate a lot more success, in the dating world and beyond. Being successful in the dating world requires you to be the best you can be and the books below are some that I highly profited from and suggest you read.


The Power ofthe power of now Now by Eckhart Tolle
I always recommend this book to anybody interested in self- improvement and development. This book heavily emphases the fact that most people live ‘in their heads’ far too much and there is a better way to live: that is, ‘IN THE NOW.’

Most books that you read take time and effort to implement their content. This book is different in that when you digest the material, you will find yourself implementing it right away. It is a very user-friendly tone, and one of those rare books that cause you to take a deep look at yourself and really reflect on how you think and behave. If there is one book to read this year, it is The Power of Now.


psycho cyberneticsPsycho-Cybernetics By Maxwell Maltz
I have been working on bettering myself for many years now. I am constantly striving to improve who I am as a teacher, coach, and person. Psycho-Cybernetics helps you redirect your thinking for a better frame of mind and a more satisfying life.

The book has actual exercises to perform in order to start reprogramming you’re unconscious mind. This is a fantastic read! Try to use the material daily and it will have a positive effect on your life.


think and grow richThink And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
This book was the first one I had ever read on the subject of success. It is definitely one of my favorites. It is considered the ‘Grandaddy of All Motivational Literature.’ Author Napoleon Hill is one of the very first modern-day success and motivational gurus to ever study the subject of achievement so thoroughly.

Once you start to internalize the material and truly begin to use it in your life, you will truly realize that the sky is the limit. Originally written in 1937, Think and Grow Rich, has been updated for the 21st century and it’s truths are as timely now as they ever were.

Read The Above Books On Picking Up Women

I encourage you to get started on one of the books listed above, today! I promise you that, although these books are not directly related to picking up women, they will have a huge positive impact on your life and that will affect everything in it in a great way!

Happy reading!

About – Colin has been running dating bootcamps, closed group workshops, and working with clients on a private coaching basis since 2006 during which time he has learned a considerable amount about the self development process and how to help men with dating. Colin is a regular blog contributor, writer and speaker based in Sydney Australia.


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