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Your Dating And Relationship Coach

Your Dating And Relationship Coach

More than Just a Dating Coach

The majority of clients we work with seek more than just a dating coach. Our clients want the best dating advice available, to then move smoothly into a relationship.

The Art of Dating For Men

Dating And Relationship CoachMeeting Women: Learn how to meet women by cold approaching such as Day Game (our speciality), socialising at night, working your social groups, dating women in the office, social gatherings and more…

Attraction: Attracting the women you meet, dissecting & understanding chemistry, and ultimately understanding what causes women to feel attracted to men.

Connection: The ‘getting to know’ each other part of the interaction. Discovering each others interests (commonalities) and building & maintaining rapport so she wants to see you again.

Flirtation: How to flirt with women, learning to tease, spiking attraction, building further chemistry, and making your interactions fun & sassy!

Closing: Asking for the phone number, setting up dates, physical escalation and even more…

There you have it- dating in a nutshell. We will coach you on all aspects of the above, from meeting women to Closing. The obvious question is what next?

Relationship Coaching With Day Game Dating

Relationship CoachingOnce you have dated for a while, what happens next? If you like her and she likes you and you want to spend more time together, it is appropriate to move things forward. Most clients want to know how to get a girlfriend and ensure thing progress smoothly. They have come this far and don’t want to mess it up.

I personally have had several girlfriends over my time and am now married. Getting into a relationship is the obvious next step after dating and which emotionally healthy men strive to achieve.

A healthy relationship assists you to grow even further, learning to experience the joy of sharing, intimacy and raising kids (if that’s what you seek). I accept most of you are aware of this, have had your own experiences and simply want a brush up.

Our Relationship Advice Covers

Get a GirlfriendTime Frames: How many dates per week are appropriate when you first meet, how long to wait before becoming exclusive, and how to make the transition.

Friend & Family: Dealing with social circles, friends & family. Sometimes the people closest to you (or her) cause issues.

General Relationship Challenges: Many relationships have challenges, some big, others not so bad. What are these challenges and more importantly why are they occurring and how can you fix them.

Relationship Insecurity: Many men still suffer self-doubt and worry their partners will lose interest and move on. Learn effective strategies for reducing doubt.

Moving In Together: The moving in stage will either make or break you. You will both get closer or discover you simply aren’t compatible.

Breaking Up: Often times you may lose interest and decide you aren’t a good match. How do you break up with her in the least hurtful way possible?

Dating and Relationship Coaching

We are more than just dating coaches and we find our clients want to settle down after meeting the right girl. We will take you through the full process based on our expertise in this field. Have a look at our private coaching options or call 1800 753 087.

Thanks for reading.

Day Game Dating

Day Game Dating

Dating Coaching at Day Game Dating
Colin offers professional dating coaching for single men Australia wide. Since 2008 Colin has helped hundreds of clients to meet their ideal partners and settle down. To begin working with Colin, simply book in a free 20 minute consultation.
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