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Colin of Day Game Dating

It is clear that being single is not an option and you are considering the prospect of a dating coach. Congratulations, this could be the change you are after! To help further you along,  read my advice on hiring a dating coach.

6 Tips Of Dating Coach Wisdom From 8 Years In The Business

  1. Reputation is key! Before you buy, do some research. Have a look around the internet and see what the story is with this particular company. What has been said about them? Obviously too much negative feedback does not support a decision to go ahead. The occasional negative comment by a disgruntled client may be OK but if you see a clear pattern emerging then take notice!
  2. Lack of feedback can be another red flag. Have you heard the term upstart or one-niter? There is nothing wrong with using the services of a new business but be careful. If you like the sound of them do your homework. Talk with them on the phone, ask some questions and trust your gut.
  3. I like a referral. If you know somebody that has currently used their services and had noticeable improvements, this would be a strong selling point.
  4. Be price savvy. To cheap, be worried, to pricey and it may be unnecessary. Keep in mind you will tend to pay a bit more for a dating coach that has been around for a while and has a strong reputation of happy clients. It’s worth it!
  5. Check out their website, read their articles and get on their mailing lists. Try to get a feel for the way they operate. If there is a low risk option such as trying out one of their products then it would be a smart thing to do.
  6. Media exposure is a good sign but we still caution you. These days it is not to hard to get into the media with a bit of money and the right contacts. Media exposure will not guarantee a good service! On the flip side it doesn’t hurt either and especially if there is ongoing exposure. Just be aware.

I hope this helps you in your research into hiring a dating coach. To find out more about our popular coaching services, call 1800 753 087

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Booking in for coaching will help you to improve your dating life and beyond. There are many benefits to hiring a coach leading to immediate results and long-term change. Life is too short to be single, begin working on this today.