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Introducing You to my eBook on Picking up Women During The Day –  “The 5 Vital Principles”

We have written this book to help the average male go out during the day to meet and attract women.

We have always been fascinated with the possibilities of day game dating. To have the ability to go meet women during the day has always given us a sense of “the ultimate freedom”. It’s a skill we are thrilled to have developed and are always keen to pass on the knowledge to other men.

Having The Skills to Approach & Attract Women During The Day Gives You Freedom.

What do we mean by freedom? Well… If you are the average male who is frustrated by his lack-of-ability to meet women, then you’re probably not actively out there seeking new interactions.

If a woman does happen to come into your life through circumstances outside of your control, eg work mates, acquaintances or whatever, you would probably look at this as a once in a life time opportunity –  even if she is not the best match for you… You don’t exactly have a lot of choice, so you become determined to be with her!

If your reading this and can relate to it, we would say “you’re not alone”. This would be the situation of most males. So don’t think for a moment, you are unique.

Our Dating eBook Will Teach You…

    • How to get onto the streets to meet and attract women now!
    • Learn our BEST pick up lines for approaching women.
    • How to escalate to phone numbers, DATES and ultimately get a girlfriend.
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I was very impressed by Craig's professionalism in conducting the bootcamp throughout the entire process from beginning to end. But more importantly, Craig genuinely cares about improving men so that they become better human beings. So that men can lead more fulfilling, well rounded lives. Craig doesn’t just teach you lines to say (in fact, you’d be surprised by how simple his opener is when you take his bootcamp). He teaches you to change your mindset and outlook on life so that the confidence in approaching women will come naturally (in time of course!). Once you finish the bootcamp, you aren’t left floundering on your own. Craig will answer your emails and forum posts. He’s there to help fellas.”


Helluva course…I’m enlivened, encouraged, enlightened, and (to an extent) indebted.
The course is structured so well that most would not understand it’s depth – you’ve done a masterful job As a result of the course I now have a clear idea of what I was doing incorrectly and why my previous interactions didn’t take me anywhere. My conversations were linear and factual. They were ‘safe’ and as I found out – no-one could get turned on or stay turned on by them. There was nothing to nourish the suggestion that sex was on the table. It’s been a fascinating experience, and a mildly confronting start to my journey towards mastery of this. It was great meeting you and Sam. Thanks again


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