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Day Game To Girlfriend eBook

Day Game Dating advice for men ebook“This is a really amazing book and I highly recommend it as both a guide to masculinity and improving your skills in attracting women” – Ben, Sydney NSW

 How To Attract Women In Public Places

Thank You For Deciding To Check Out My eBook “Day Game To Girlfriend.”

First of all, if you know a little bit about me and what I do, you would be well aware that I am extremely passionate about my work. For the last several years, I have coached men on the specific strategies needed to successfully pick-up women – specifically during the day.I literally take men out onto the streets and show them step-by-step how to meet and attract women.

I love a client’s reaction when they see this stuff work in their own eyes! No matter how many courses I run and how many times I go through the motions, the feeling of breaking through somebody’s limiting beliefs and showing them what’s truly possible gives me the ultimate sense of satisfaction!

As you can imagine, I have learned a lot over the last few years by both mastering these skills and teaching other men.

“From Having Low Control Over This Part Of My Life To a Point Of Confidence, Power and Choice”

Over the past few years I have literally seen myself transform from having average success to a point of unbelievable proportions! Most importantly, I now have flexibility and choice with women. I can now settle down with that special girl if I choose to, and then form a healthy relationship with her.

The other sense of joy I have in my life is to see countless men go through my programs and literally transform themselves to finally have their desired success. They are now dating lots of women and deciding which ones to settle down with.

My First Official Product Created from My Own Experiences As a Dating Coach – “Day Game to Girlfriend”

As an accumulation of my experiences and insight into the area of dating, I knew that I needed to put everything together in an easy-to-understand manual – that is why I wrote this book. I decided to name it “Day Game to Girlfriend” because that is exactly what happens. You study it, go out during the day to apply it, date women, and then get a girlfriend. This is the material that we teach in our bootcamps that get our clients those amazing results. This book is filled with information – sorted, refined and written in a way that is guaranteed to see you having results! It has taken me many years to work it out and perfect it. Now it’s finally available in this book. Everything in this book has been field tested and taught to clients. To put it simply “IT WORKS”!

…and NOW you can learn it too in the comfort of your own home!

“What Will You learn?”

This is not one of your typical heavy technique based theoretical reads. Absolutely not! This book will literally guide you into making truly magnificent life changes. You will discover:

  • Important aspects of body language to get you noticed, aspects that draw out interest from women right away
  • Deeper mindsets to exhibit – a full education on the proper way to look at things in connection with women and dating
  • As you read through this book, you will begin to truly understand what it is that women are looking for, and how to project this for massive success.
  • Technique exercises and expert advice on how to really get your life in order so you can naturally become highly attractive to the opposite sex without even thinking about it.
  • Learn how to speak in a way that causes people and women to be drawn to you and listen to you intently.
  • What to do when you are actually on a date to be more effective
  • to use your body to create a stronger connection between the two of you – eventually leading to intimacy… and more.
  • How to flirt effectively
  • Understanding that there is another kind of communication going on and consequently, how to interpret and use it to create a faster connection.
  • How to deal correctly with women’s tests. Yes! Women test men and you should know this and how to pass those.
  • Deeper insights into the mating game as a whole and strategies on how to be above it all – leading to intense clarity and freedom of choice. Power!!

And About a Hundred Other Dating Subjects That Will Ensure You Really Know What You’re Doing…

  • I will also cover a deeper topic that I believe is vital to your overall success in life: regarding a life philosophy.
  • You will learn about charisma and how to begin developing charisma.
  • The most common mistake that men make which messes up their chances with women – even when they know all of the popular lines and techniques
  • What women are thinking when you go over and approach them during the day; and how to work with it
  • The biggest challenge that men face with Day Game and how to recognize and overcome it
  • What to do when you start getting dates and meeting with women as you get out there
  • What not to do on dates and why those things mess you up

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