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Do Rich Men Get All The Women?

Do Rich Men Get All The Women?

Do Girls Only Want Men With Money?

Well it really depends on the way you ask the question. If you are rich, confident, have social status and good leadership qualities, you aren’t afraid to both approach women and ask them out, then I would say “yes”, rich men do get the girls.

Does It Take Money To Pick Up Women?

So what if you weren’t rich but still had confidence? What if you had perceived social states based on your people skills, which also gave you strong leadership potential? What if you had very little money, but it didn’t bother you one bit, because you knew you had a plan for the future? If you had the above qualities (same as the rich man) and you can approach women and ask women out, I think you would be OK!

The Tale Of Men

I meet many a man who does not have two cents to rub together, but literally has women swarming (like sharks circulating a feed). I have also met men who are richer than god (I really do hate that expression) who wouldn’t know what a telephone number was from their long-distance phone bill. I have met all types, and the common theme of success with women is the golden list below. These are the traits that get the ladies.

Traits That Attract Women

Do Rich Men Get All The Women

  • Self-belief
  • Self-confidence
  • People-skills
  • Social-intelligence
  • Likeability
  • Future-goals

Skills In Picking Up Women

The Bottom Line Is That You Don’t Need Money To Attract Women

So please get rid of the idea that if you aren’t rich then you won’t get women. Also please let go of the notion that if (and when) you have money you will get all the girls you want. These are myths in society that hurt good men (we see it all the time). We see it because we are an established dating coaching business that has worked with hundreds (if not thousands) of clients. My advice is to go on a myth-cleansing-diet and get with the program, seriously! You are not doomed to fail with women.

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