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Five Ways to Get Better With Women

Five Ways to Get Better With Women

Maybe it’s a nervous thing, a communication problem, or a lifestyle challenge, whatever… There are certain things that hold you back in your dating life. Read my 5 tips to help you get better with women.

1. First Begin Meeting Women

I will regularly write about the importance of lead sources. If you are not meeting women then dating is not possible. You need a solid list of lead sources where you regularly come across the opposite sex.

Some men meet women during the day, others at night. Perhaps you are a Latin dancer or work at a bar. Some men I know go traveling, while others are fitness instructors and personal trainers…Yoga teachers also do quite well! Other guys have a strong social circle mixed up of couples and singles, males and females. This in itself can generate many opportunities to meet women and get dates.

Look at your calendar and ask yourself, how often am I in places where you can easily begin talking to and meeting women? You may need to work on this area!

2. First Impressions Count

Do you know that we judge each other within the first 3 seconds? You know instantly if you are attracted to a girl and it’s the same for her… Are you making good first impressions?

Impress WomenA good first impression can mean the difference between dating or nothing – simply because of the way you look (and I don’t mean genetics). I am talking about grooming, shoes, teeth, and the way you hold yourself, your smile, eye contact levels, and movements.

Everything about you communicates something and makes impressions. The way you talk and greet her all makes an impression. What you were doing before you spoke to her impacts her impression – it all counts! You are either coming across as attractive or unattractive, it’s that simple!

3. Learn How to Talk To Women

First impressions passed but now what? Can you talk to her and hold her interest? Guys that are good with women are interesting conversationalists while at the same time will flirt and make her laugh. They are generally interested in what she has to say and know how to listen in a way that makes her feel heard! They use empathy, active listening, open loops and more…

I have written several articles about verbal communication so feel free to scroll through my blog or simply Google the above terms to get more info.

Let me tell you though, they work! This is natural conversation at its best and when you authentically take an interest in her while sharing a bit about yourself, you can have her very interested…

4. You Must Escalate

She likes you so far; you made a good first impression and clearly are interesting to talk to. Things are going well and so far so good… But now what, how do you move things forward?

This by the way is where many men get stuck with women. Not knowing where to go from here. Also have a look at my article on Following Through With Women.

How To Escalate With WomenTo run it down it goes;

  • Meet & greet
  • Social communication – talking about surface topics
  • Intimate communication – wider topics, family, career, travel, what makes her tick? etc…
  • Self disclosure – sharing about yourself, through stories, answering her questions etc…
  • Closing (contact details) – for the sake of getting her on the telephone to organize a future meeting
  • Dating and relationships (optional)…

And there you have it, simple and obvious, but it always amazes me how many men seem to get stuck, so here it was again…

5. Improve Your Life Style

What kind of a lifestyle do you lead and are you proud to bring women into your world? There are two aspects to a lifestyle that are clearly connected to success with women.

  1. She needs to feel that she is a part of something and so will expect you to have a life.
  2. We can draw confidence from a busy lifestyle that reduces our neediness to have a partner.

Work on your dating lifimprove your lifestyle to attract womene but don’t forget to have a life. Generate social circles and build up your activities to meet women but to also improve your overall life. It also comes full circle as the busier you are the more opportunities you make to meet people, and the more people you meet the less neediness you exhibit. You come across as exciting, independent and ultimately more attractive!


I Hope You Found This List Of 5 Ways To Get Better With Women Helpful.

There are many clear mistakes that guys make that hold them back for years. So many men who started off hopeless with women have gone completely from zero to hero in a short period of time. They read everything they can, have taken multiple workshops and practiced continuously until they had their turn and started gaining results.

Getting better with the opposite sex is like any other skill, build the desire for change, find all the help out there and take continuous action!

Thanks for reading, I would appreciate a comment and a share below if you don’t mind :)

All the best,


About – Colin has been running dating bootcamps, closed group workshops, and working with clients on a private coaching basis since 2006 during which time he has learned a considerable amount about the self development process and how to help men with dating. Colin is a regular blog contributor, writer and speaker based in Sydney Australia.
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