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Following Through – Phone Number – Date – Kiss – Sex

Following Through – Phone Number – Date – Kiss – Sex

Hopefully you are working hard on improving yourselves, reading books, attending workshops and most importantly, getting out there and socializing with more women. Read my article on Following Through To The Phone Number, A Date, A Kiss, and Sex…

Hows it all going?

I spend a lot of time writing about approaching women and becoming a more together person. I talk about mindsets and attitudes and the importance of having finally tuned social skills. These are all vital to your immediate and long-term success, and that is why I harp on so much about it. (you must grow in all areas if you want success)

Today I want to talk about another important point to understand in order to become more successful with women. I want to talk about “following through.”

What do I mean by following through with women?

Pick Up And Talk To GirlsFollowing through means to follow through on your interactions to a point where things actually progress past the initial approach and conversation. You have to understand that there are a process of steps that you must follow in order to get a result. (Please note: there is nothing canned or calculated about this. Its just natural progression)

When I mention “following through” I am simply talking about taking your situations with women from initial approach into a more tangible result. (hooking up)

Look at this model as a good example. Approach>Conversation>Rapport>Stronger connection>Mini date>Intimacy>Physical

What most guys do when they start out…

Once a guys starts to get out there and begin to cold approach women. This is a fantastic thing. It means he has begun to take the necessary steps into a massively improved love life. He simply starts to meet more women and that’s awesome!

I suppose just that in itself (finally having the ability to approach) is a fantastic skill to have. What I want to get across in this post though, is this… There are still further steps that need to be taken and I want you to realize that you still need to keep on pushing yourself out of your comfort zone if you want massive success.

In the model that I showed you. This is what most guys starting out look like Approach>Conversation>Rapport>Stop and then they ask for a phone number or just leave.

Following Through To The Phone Number, A Date, A Kiss, and Sex…

How To Get A GirlfriendIf you have just started out and you can consistently approach women and get into a conversation and create rapport, that’s awesome!. Perhaps you walk away feeling good about yourself (and so you should) or maybe you wont leave before asking for a phone number. (Again, a great result)

Another observation: You may be getting some flakes and fake phone numbers because you simply don’t have the rest of the steps down pat.

When I mention following through, I am talking about going beyond rapport. I am talking about pushing things further. Please keep in mind that depending on the situation, It may be logistically impossible to follow through. You still need to try though, both for the sake of succeeding and further growth.

Lets look at the model again.  Approach>Conversation>Rapport>Stronger connection>Mini date>Intimacy>Physical

This is not Outcome dependence, its escalation…

I’m still encouraging you to be totally NON-OUTCOME-DEPENDENT. Always! I just want you to realize that the responsibility is still on you to progress your interactions (when you like her) into more than just a meet and greet scenario. Move things forward, get into a situation where you end up together getting to know each other and open up the flood gates to success…

I hope you understand what I am writing here. Next time you go out and approach a woman. Keep this “following through” article in mind.

Good luck

About – Colin has been running dating bootcamps, closed group workshops, and working with clients on a private coaching basis since 2006 during which time he has learned a considerable amount about the self development process and how to help men with dating. Colin is a regular blog contributor, writer and speaker based in Sydney Australia.

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