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Further Thoughts on Approaching Women

Further Thoughts on Approaching Women

Let’s Talk Further About Approaching Women. With this skill you are sure to transform your dating life for good!!!

When you cold approach a girl she can be slightly resistant as in hesitant in her responses to you, to interact back. The experienced guy understands that this is where persistence is important and she will most likely turn around soon. Women’s emotions are fluid and so her behavior will reflect this. If she gets a good feeling around you she will open right up. But first a woman needs to experience you and this can take more than just a few seconds to do so. Just keep going with the pick up.

At first she is can be nervous, uncertain of you, and just wants to play it cool. She wants to feel comfortable in your presents and she needs to feel safe. a woman needs to know that you’re safe.

This is where positivity and self esteem come into play. You need to know that you’re a good person to interact with and that you offer lots of value. This will be expressed in your attitude, body language and vibe. When you interact you take a strong assertive stance that is in line with your core. This is true masculinity and a woman needs this.

As an example you might be extremely confident in your questioning of her by way of asking “what’s your name, and where are you from”. You ask her these things not only to make conversation but you ask because you want to know! See the difference? One is passive and fake, the other is assertive and genuine. When you approach women this is very important

It’s then important that you go directly and talk about yourself. Tell her what area you are from and what you have been up to today. You demonstrate that you don’t need her approval and are self determining and validated. Just in the moment doing your thing and for now she is a part of it.

She now also has the opportunity to ask you questions about your statements and feels like she also has plenty to say.

Again a woman  needs to feel that’s it’s easy to make conversation with you. Your just so easy to talk to she thinks. You know how to talk to women!

You can find commonalities, where you two are aligned and express things you both enjoy. It should register in the back of her mind that you could possibly be doing these things together. Flirtation, role playing, teasing, humor, edginess, and storytelling are extremely important at this point.

If for example she was from Melbourne, you might make a statement like, “actually the truth is I was out looking to meet some Melbourne people today, hence why I came over to talk to you.”

Now obviously you didn’t know she was from Melbourne and this statement would not make sense, but it’s edgy, and really triggers those emotions. This is flirting and creates interest and attention.

BTW, do you actually know what it means when somebody states that a woman needs her emotions triggered? How does friendly banter about your job achieve this? Well, it most likely won’t. If your conversation is safe and boring then you are safe and boring.

I would also do things like commenting on what we are talking about. Remember you are following your masculine energy and want to directly express to her that you are into her in a sexual manner. You don’t want to just end up being friends and so you make this clear. This behavior is very attractive and refreshing to her.

Ill say something like, “so what do you get up to on the weekends” and then while she is responding I’ll further comment, “you know where this is going don’t you”. Referring to the fact that I’m into her, going to be asking for the phone number soon or possibly even hooking up with her then and there.

I’m been very clear about my wants and there are no surprises. My confidence in my intention is very attractive to her for the truth is that women really do want to be taken and for a man to by pass social norms. Weak men are the furthest from what she wants yet that’s all she seems to get.

Thanks for reading.

About – Colin has been running dating bootcamps, closed group workshops, and working with clients on a private coaching basis since 2006 during which time he has learned a considerable amount about the self development process and how to help men with dating. Colin is a regular blog contributor, writer and speaker based in Sydney Australia.
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