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How Can I Recognise Sexual Tension?

How Can I Recognise Sexual Tension?

Tension And Attraction By Steve Gibbs

Heard about the importance of sexual tension in attracting women? Most men have no clue about sexual tension and what it does to men and women.

From the moment you meet a girl and begin talking to her, she will decide, “yes this guy gets it or, no he is straightforward friend material.” She decides because she feels her way through trusting her gut. She knows the game and quickly determines if there is a spark or not?

Sexual Tension Explained

Sexual Tension

In order to recognise sexual tension you need to know what to look for. Unfortunately most men don’t get it! They think sexual tension is actually having sex- hence the word “sexual.” The reality is that sex actually removes the tension and it’s a release (no pun intended)… Tension is a build up before the actual sex, the pressure created between a man and woman.

Sexual tension can occur automatically, but is usually sparked off by you or her. It usually occurs when one of you begin to challenge the other through some form of teasing. This teasing is then reciprocated and turns into banter. Instead of simple boring chatter, you are now challenging each other, but in the context of light-hearted  humor. Both of you are taking the Mickey out of each other as it’s fun and part of the chase.

How To Spark Tension

How To Tease And Flirt With Women
How To Tease And Flirt With Women – By Colin Dubb

The simple answer for how to spark sexual tension is to take a risk! To say or do something that slightly challenges her. A throw-away comment, some form of teasing, or suggestion that communicates your intent to banter. Challenging her in a friendly context is telling her that you like her. If she reciprocates, she communicated her willingness to comply- essentially it’s on! Tension is sparked and now you can ramp it up – hence building sexual tension.

The Art Of Attraction

There is an art to picking up girls. There is no trickery or manipulation involved. Men have been picking up women for years and hooking up. There are natural biological and emotional triggers that cause men and women to feel attracted to each other and when these triggers go off, attraction occurs. It’s this attraction that acts like a magnet pulling and pushing you together. You feel attracted to her and she does you. Sexual tension is the stimulant for attraction. When it’s on it’s on! You know it; she knows it, and you both feel the urge to hook up.

If you have lost your way and cannot find your natural talents in attracting girls, perhaps you should look into dating coaching. We began helping men in 2006 to improve their success with women and are very skilled (and experienced) in our work!

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