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How to Create a Spark with a Girl

How to Create a Spark with a Girl

Dating Coach Steve Gibbs, On Building That Spark With Women

So you want to create a spark with a girl? You want to move away from the boring conversation and rather create attraction, connection and rapport… This article is for you!

Most guys are rather boring when they talk to women, I know, I see it all the time. Women are like, “this guy’s boring”, because she feels no spark, no chemistry, no attraction. He is like, “but I tried so hard.” She just wants you to relax and have fun!

How Do I Talk To Women

How To Create A Spark With A GirlI’m no more special than the average guy, but when I talk to women I know how to tease, how to flirt, get them giddy, and into it from the beginning. How? Because I know how to let go and have fun. I make girls laugh, I ask daring questions, and occasionally poke fun at them. This by the way is all in good nature and I’m always making sure they are into it; as opposed to being offended. This is important!

Creating Attraction Is Easy

Look, creating that spark, that special something with girls is no hard science, or is it difficult. It is simply about relaxing, as mentioned letting go and taking some risks. Instead of asking boring questions about work, family, and furniture (yep seen it), rather get into interesting topics that spike her interest. The best conversations are actually about nothing, yep! When you can spend like 15 minutes bantering about the environment, teasing her about something harmless and just creating strong banter where she feels she can also pick on you; this is the stuff that legends are made of. She will love you for it and so will her friends!

If on the other hand you are a stiff shirt, overly concerned about an outcome, desperately hoping she will like and approve of you, it’s over from the very start. Women can sense when you try too hard to please them and to impress them. Women are not interested in stiff shirts, but go rather crazy for guys that know what they’re doing. Guys that have self-confidence, can flirt, tease, and have fun, and create those sparks.

How To Create Sparks

If you want to create a spark with a girl then stop trying. Let go, have fun, take some risks and get her playful. Learn about flirting, and the best ways to tease. I would love to have you join us on a live bootcamp; any of us instructors would. We will show you exactly how it works and teach you what to do.

Also you can check out one of our eBooks; How to Tease and Flirt with Women. This is a great introduction to the above.

I hope you are enjoying my articles, please feel free to comment.

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