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FAST FLIRTING, How To Tease And Flirt With Women

Learn The Art Of Fast Flirting

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“I have written this book as a guide to help the average man improve the way that he communicates and flirts with women. I notice it all of the time and it pains me to see boring communication. Well I used to be the same so I do understand where you are coming from. The way that a guy communicates with a woman says a lot about his attractiveness and you want to become very quick at flirting – instantly!

When you flirt quickly with a woman it instantly changes your communication style from boring social communication to tension creating sexual communication… And this sparks her interest!

 This book Offers Further Dating Advice On How To Attract Women Through Flirtation?

This book will teach you to communicate the right things to women in the right way known as “subtext communication”.

How To Tease And Flirt With WomenThese meanings that she receives will indicate to her that you posses the qualities and traits of a man that she desires.

Again… Teasing and flirting with women communicates to them (through subtext communication) that you possess some of the traits that she is searching for.

I love a client’s reaction when they see this stuff work in their own eyes! No matter how many courses I run and how many times I go through the motions, the feeling of breaking through somebody’s limiting beliefs and showing them what’s truly possible gives me the ultimate sense of satisfaction!

As you can imagine, I have learned a lot over the last few years by both mastering these skills and teaching other men.

 You will Discover…

  • The different ways that regular guys and successful guys communicate and flirt with women
  • I will teach you the specifics of teasing women and how to do it to generate massive positive responses
  • Learn about the natural steps from teasing to flirting, and how to transition
  • Read real life examples of interactions with women, so you can learn about the ways to build sexual tension
  • Ever wondered what successful guys know about challenging women to gain results. They don’t want you to know about the powerful effect this has. I will teach you what they are doing
  • Most importantly, I will explain to you in full detail what it really is that you are communicating to women when you tease and flirt with them.

A really good read and shares information on what you do to attract women. I could always see that certain guys would talk to women in a way that interested them but I couldn’t figure it out. Your book clearly explains how it works and I am writing this testimonial as proof that anybody can apply your techniques. I am now one of those guys!

Josh, Melbourne

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Colin has been helping me to meet and date women. I have come to realise that Colin has a genuine and solid interest in my growth, not only in this area of my life, but also in how I express myself in my life in general. What he teaches is not just the technicalities of dating, but he also helps you realise and address deeper issues that you may have that are blocking your ability to connect with the opposite sex. He is like a bull-dog with this stuff in that he will vigorously encourage you to discuss any sticking points you may have.
My dealings with Colin has lead me to believe that he has good intentions with women – what he teaches is how to be honest with women and how to treat them in a way that they want to be treated, and how to show them a good time. He teaches that a woman’s spirit is more important than her looks, without disregarding a male’s natural attraction to a woman’s physical traits.
Colin has helped me with women.

JJ E, Brisbane

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