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Improve At Attracting Women

Improve At Attracting Women

Are You Interested In Attracting Women Naturally?

If you understand courtship, learn about women, and work on self-improvement, you will do much better with the opposite sex! So where do you begin on your path of change?

I believe there are four important stages to the improvement process. It is these areas that need consistent focus…

1, Identity – Finding oneself, as in self-discovery, what internal baggage does one carry (self doubt/fear/complexes)? Removing this baggage allows one to become a happier and healthier person.

2, Social Awareness – The subtle processes of social interactions and specifically the attractive communication styles used between men and women.

3, Dating Structure – Working through the courtship stages of meeting, dating, and intimacy.

4, Personality – The ability to successfully convey a genuine and interesting personality that carries one through the various stages of courtship.

There are certain personality traits that attract women. When these traits are displayed, women respond. In order to cultivate these traits a man must work at it.

The above four points are your road-map that will help you to attract women.

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Are you enjoying reading the articles on this blog? I seriously spend a large amount of time ensuring that the articles I write will help you become the best man ever… If you want to know how to get a girlfriend or simply date a bunch of women – It’s your choice. As long as you’re upfront and honest about it, I’m with you all the way!

I update The ‘Day Game Dating’ Blog several times weekly and address all sorts of topics that I experience with clients. Thanks again for reading and please feel free to leave a comment.

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About – Colin has been running dating bootcamps, closed group workshops, and working with clients on a private coaching basis since 2006 during which time he has learned a considerable amount about the self development process and how to help men with dating. Colin is a regular blog contributor, writer and speaker based in Sydney Australia.
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Colin offers professional dating coaching for single men Australia wide. Since 2008 Colin has helped hundreds of clients to meet their ideal partners and settle down. To begin working with Colin, simply book in a free 20 minute consultation.
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