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CAUTION: Always Learn How To Meet Women This Way!

CAUTION: Always Learn How To Meet Women This Way!

You want to get better at meeting women but you don’t know where to begin. You go on the internet and read all of the seduction advice and want to do everything at once. This is a bad formula…

I understand that your frustrated with being single. I get that it hurts your pride when you see all your friends dating girls, having relationships and eventually settling down and getting married. Why me you ask? Why do I have such a hard time meeting women?

I Bet This Will Surprise You…

Almost every client that I work with is much better at attracting women then he gives himself credit for. The challenge is not in his levels off attractiveness or the fact that he can’t meet women. The problem is too little self belief and a lack of an effective strategy. I bet you’re the same!

Think about it… If you have gone your whole life feeling inadequate with the opposite sex and have worked yourself into a state where you feel that no women will ever want you, then you would be stuck in what is called learned helplessness. If a woman does happen to show interest, you back away and sabotage it (this could also include over-compensatory behavior scaring her off). When it comes to dating and romance you just don’t have the drive to take action. Now your skills have failed to develop and this all seems hopeless. Learned helplessness, got love it…

You Discover Dating Advice On The Internet

You figure out that other men have the same challenges as you, that they didn’t know how to meet women either but some how managed to overcome this challenge. In-fact, they have become so good at it they they now write about their experiences and give advice to other guys who struggle.

Dating advice on the internet

Now someone like you comes along and begins churning through this new found knowledge with a new feeling of hope, a feeling that maybe you can get this sorted and if other people have shared the same pain but managed to fix it then you can to.

BTW, this is a good start and you are dead right about being able to fix this! The real question is… How to go about it.? Your strategy is important to the process if you are to get good fast!

Learn How To Meet Women Step By Step.

What’s needed now is a dating strategy, a systematic way to go about meeting women. If you have a strategy and the ability to chunk it down into a step by step process, then your on your way.

If on the other had (and many guys make this mistake) you study everything you can find like a mad scientist and try to do everything at once, you will probably experience frustration and blockages. This is because you have forgotten to walk before you run.

Do you know how many times a new client comes on a bootcamp or attends a workshop and asks how to date multiple women and have threesomes every night? This same client has not being with a girl in a long time and has little to zero confidence or skills in meeting women, yet he wants to do what takes years to achieve.

It’s Human Nature To Want it Now.

It is human nature to want things now and to not have to work at it. I also get this because many times I have been effected by the same issue. But let’s take a reality check. Goals take time to achieve and getting better with women is no different. You need to first develop the intuition that comes over time through lots of real life interactions and experience. You also need to develop your skills as well as internalizing and becoming congruent with it. Again it can take some time! Not a long time but still time!

If you are looking to do this alone and not get the help of a dating coach then its absolutely fine. Coaching is available if you feel you need it. In the meantime you need a strategy.

A plan on how to meet women

Your Dating Strategy

  1. Set some goals, write down exactly what type of woman you want to be with and when you want to meet her. Remember you can’t reach a goal that you don’t set.
  2. Try to figure out exactly where these types of women frequent.
  3. Go the places where they frequent and start interacting with them. You want to build up rapport as this will help you to improve confidence, skill sets, as well as giving you some potential opportunities.
  4. Begin keeping a journal of your interactions and try to figure out where the gaps are that are holding you back. Don’t forget to praise yourself on what you do right.
  5. Begin at once to work on these gaps. If you have no approach lines, develop some. If you seem to run out of conversation, work on your conversational skills. If you can get a good interaction going but she does not seem to be attracted to you, try to learn about attraction. If she is attracted it’s time to try to escalate into phone numbers and dates. If she won’t date you but seems to like you, perhaps there is not enough rapport.
  6. When you are able to meet women, get their phone numbers and date them, you may find yourself struggling to get physical and now this is a new area to work on.
  7. Now you can get physical but she won’t see you again and loses interest. This is your next challenge.
  8. Wash rinse repeat. You will be honing your skills, building confidence and developing intuition.
  9. Now you realize that you’re getting better with women but the rest of your life needs work. What woman wants to hang out with a guy that has boring friends, no activities or ambition?

This is a bit of a run down on what it takes to get better with women. You may not have challenges in all of these areas. Most men are good at some things while others are not. What you need to do is build a strategy around the areas that you need to work on.

How do I know so clearly what the process looks like? I know because I coach clients daily on how to meet women, improve their dating lives and eventually settle down with “the one” – yes I attend a lot of weddings…

I hope you find the helpful and if you need further advice – read more articles on the blog.

If you want to attend a live training bootcamp or get some private coaching – book in with us.

I hope this article finds you well and thanks for reading.

About – Colin has been running dating bootcamps, closed group workshops, and working with clients on a private coaching basis since 2006 during which time he has learned a considerable amount about the self development process and how to help men with dating. Colin is a regular blog contributor, writer and speaker based in Sydney Australia.
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