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Meeting Girls Around Australia

Meeting Girls Around Australia

Picking Up Women Australia Wide By John Lassy

My adventures of meeting women in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, And Perth… What a blast I’ve had!

Approaching Women

Day Game ApproachIt all begins with approaching women, seeing a girl that I would like to meet and going in. This is Day Game at its best and there is no better buzz than cold approaching a woman during the day. I see her, she sees me and it’s on! I slowly walk over, calm and collected with my opener in mind.

The Pick Up Line

Well it’s not really a pick up line as we all know how lame lines are, but it is my opener, the dialogue I use to get the conversation going, opening her during the day completely cold with no earlier introduction. I use something non-threatening but at the same time interesting. It’s something I have used all over Australia with predictable results.

The Day Game Hook

get a date and ask a girl outAfter saying my line and getting a positive response, I ask a few more questions,” how is your day, what are you up to”, the usual Day Game chit chat. She responds well, asking me questions as we share a bit about each other- it’s hooked, she’s interested in continuing the interaction and I know where to go from here, I’ve done this before.

Qualification Strategies

Just like in sales I must qualify her to see if it’s worth pursuing. Mostly I need to know if she is single and interested in dating men (me). Does she live locally and how easy would it be to see her again? I like to find this out within the first five minutes so I’m not wasting my time. I have my set of qualification questions all ready to fire off, again this is very much routine.

Escalation To Close

I like what I hear and the more we chat the better we connect. She seems like a nice girl, fun, attractive, and we have things in common. I like her and I get the feeling she likes me. I escalate further, building wider rapport, finding more commonalities. I am aware (through experience) that the more energy women invest in us the higher the motivation for catching up again. This is how you prevent flakes (for another post).

Closing Your Day Game Approach

Finally after about 10 minutes I recognise it’s time to close, ask her for the phone number which I’m confident I’ll get. Predictably she hands it over, not before making me promise to call and not waste her time (fair enough). “Of course I will call” I respond, “I like you!”

Meeting And Picking Up Girls Around Australia

This is how I meet women all over the country; I follow this predictable formula that works incredibly well. I have mastered Day Game, from approach to close and onto getting dates. I live in Sydney but I am in contact with girls all over. Yes it’s a great skill to have!

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Your friendly neighborhood dating coach,


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