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Meeting Women In Public Places

Meeting Women In Public Places

One of the best way to improve your dating life is to begin meeting women in public places. Also known as Day Game.

You can meet women everywhere if you are willing to put your pride aside and take a chance. Most men are shocked to find that simply going over to a girl and saying “hi” will get met with an OK response. She will wonder what you’re doing but if you simply follow up with something like “I know this is random but wanted to come over and meet you”, everything should be OK…

Most Women Are OK With The Day Game Approach

Most women are just as shy as you, especially during a cold approach in a public place. Try to understand the situation of meeting women during the day, what it’s like for her to have a guy come over. Think about the people around that she may feel are listening. So always be subtle in your actions and empathetic to the cause but take a chance!

I coach women on a daily basis and the majority of them are totally OK with the idea of the day time approach. The reality is that it rarely happens and when a guy does eventually come over he tends to clam up and make her feel awkward.

Day Game Is A Powerful Lead Source

You need to realize that meeting women in public places such as the day time can be one of the most powerful lead sources and that women do appreciate it when it’s done with skill. As I said, be aware who’s listening, slow it down and use a direct and honest approach.

When we run a bootcamp (dating workshop) we begin with putting the above tips into practice. It may only be the start of utilizing Day Game but this is where you need to begin if you want to learn to meet women in public places. Once you master the cold approach you can work on the escalation side of things and really get your interactions going places (excuse the pun).

I hope you enjoyed this article as it should get you started.

Talk to you soon.

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