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Men Who Fear Rejection

Men Who Fear Rejection

We Have All Felt The Fear Of Rejection – Steve Gimms

Men fearing rejection is very common when it comes to cold approaching women. Meeting strangers in general can be scary, especially if you lack experience.

Day or night, hot or cold, when a guy sees a woman that he would like to meet, whether it is out during the day (day game) or out at night (night game), those same fears arise. What if she does not like me, what if she laughs, what if she already has a boyfriend? Ultimately it’s all these factors that cause men to fear rejection.

Fear Of Rejection Is Very Normal

Men Who Fear RejectionFear of rejection is normal; I am not saying that it’s right, or that it has to be there forever, not at all! I am simply stating that cold approaching a woman can be extremely scary (when first starting out) and most men move through this. By the way, this also included me, but I to moved past it.

You Will Survive Any Rejection

One of the important things to realise is that whatever happens initially, good or bad you will survive. No matter how brutal the response, you will survive it. I have never heard of anybody dying from talking to a woman that they didn’t know (not in Australia at least). Sometimes you may feel awkward, you may stumble, and she (or others) may not react as expected or hoped. This is all ok; this is normal and a part of the learning curve. Again, it all comes down to building experience.

Fixing Fear Through One Simple Act

There are many men who fear rejection and again you are not alone. After recognising that others feel the same, you may also discover that many remedies are available to help you out. The ultimate and best way of actually dealing with this is to just do it, to get out there and approach! The more you approach women the more experience you gain, experience will lead to better skills, skills, practice, and success will start to eliminate fear. All this happens just from taking action.

The Best Guys At Approaching Women

The guys that are the best at meeting woman, that have overcome their fear of rejection and have a lot of success, are the ones that have simply thrown themselves into approaching. They made it a goal to approach hundreds or even thousands of girls where possible. They recognise that men who fear rejection have not tried and learned that fear of rejection is self-imposed.

It’s Thursday today, I’m off interstate to run some workshops over the weekend. I will be talking to women all over the place. I suggest you do the same, go out during the day in your city and just meet women. Once you get home, reflect and see what you learned. I bet you will realise that rejection is not that bad, and it was more the fear itself that scared you.

Catch you soon,


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