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You Want to Pick Up The Girl – Learn From Steve

You Want to Pick Up The Girl – Learn From Steve

Dating Coach Steve Gimms

Steve works as a dating coach for Day Game Dating. He travels around Australia helping out with our daygame workshops. Steve has very good insights into women and dating

So you want to pick up the girl, well the reality is that you should stop trying to pick up women and actually become a more attractive man – the keyword being man. I teach my clients how to be men!

I know this sounds cliché and you have hopefully heard this before, but women are more attracted to men that try less. Picking up women should never be a game, or a self-esteem boosting strategy. If you get your shit together and learn how to treat a woman, she will reciprocate in kind.

Talk To Women

picking up the girlsAsk any woman that you meet, when she goes out to a bar, does she find the guy that goes around trying to chat up every girl a prize, or rather the guy that takes his time, and chooses a woman that he feels he can connect with? Man or woman, we are social creatures, human beings and we want to connect! Women need connection as much as attraction!

Dating Success Is All About The Connection

Dating is a mutual game of attraction and connection. You must both feel attracted to each other; too many guys forget about connection. Women must both feel attracted and connected if something is to happen. When I take out my clients they see me talking to women, they think it’s something I’m saying or some strategy that I use to get the girl. This is not the case I tell them.

What I am doing is actually connecting with these girls, taking an interest in them and sharing plenty of interesting truthful stories about myself and my life. They get to see me as a real person, authentic with substance.

Again The Secret To Picking Up

The best guys at picking up women try less than the ones that don’t have success, I can’t say this enough! You may be feeling desperate, incredibly lonely, and just want a girl to make it all right. No good! Come on my workshop and I will show you how to be a real attractive man, by working on specific areas of your life, losing the neediness, and learning better strategies for meeting women. There are many daygame workshops coming up, hope to meet you soon.

Thank you for reading this, your local dating coach,

Steve Gimms

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