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Picking Up Women And Escalation

Picking Up Women And Escalation

When out at a club I see it all the time. Guys that are able to cold approach women, get into interesting conversations and be in the situation where not only is he obviously attracted to her, but equally as important she is attracted to him. What I see though is the guy failing to escalate. This is really common, I’ll explain…

Picking Up Women Is Really Not Rocket Science

Men that are learning this stuff think that they have to literally pull rabbits out of hats before they are allowed to have success. It’s weird but they think that picking up Women has to be a 5 star performance for it to go off well. This is just not true!

Men Approaching Women In The Club

A guy has approached the girl, found himself in a positive interaction where attraction and chemistry are present, yet he feels that he has to continually be doing something, as in being on show and entertaining her. I can see that she is interested and waiting for him to escalate things to that next level –  Yet he is failing to see her interest, her green light because he feels that he has not done enough to pick her up.

She is ready for him to move her to another part of the club, begin physical communication as in hand holding, hugging, dancing and kissing, yet he simply remains in conversation, trying harder and harder to banter with her until he feels he has done enough to attract her.

Why Men Are Failing At Picking Up Women

She likes him for him yet he can’t accept that and on some level believes that if she does like him it will be a result of his banter. Her attraction towards him happened quickly (attraction usually does), it was easy. In his mind though, picking up women has to be hard, he has to work for it and so will not accept that he can escalate. She is ready for him to move forward but he cannot see it.

Men Failing To Escalate

He continues with banter failing to see the green light to move forward and the interaction becomes stale. She losses interest and he again feels that his ability is not up to scratch. “Oh well” he says to himself, “next time I’ll just try harder.”

Listen, just because you got onto the Internet and read about guys who are successful with women who do all of these outrages behaviors, does not mean that it’s right! Unless you are out in the real world trying this stuff as opposed to spending time reading you will fail to realize how easy picking up women really is.

New Day Game Dating Clients

When I get a new client I always tell them to try and forget most of what they think they know. I do this because if a guy was generally experiencing high levels of success with women then he wouldn’t be on my program. A common theme is that he has read too much about pick up and believes that in order to be successful with women he needs to effectively use many different tactics. And he sadly thinks that a woman cannot like him – for him!

Before this whole pick up women thing became main stream there were guys hooking up with girls. All they had was themselves and the desire to get out there and try. Sure there are techniques that can help you to further succeed while out in the field and we teach these to clients, but ultimately you must realize that she must be attracted to and not your tactics!

It’s very probable that if you go out often meeting women a lot of times you will have her interest simply after you say “hallo” and she will like you right off the bat. In this case it’s time to escalate and not get stuck with pointless banter.

I hope this helps, and thanks for reading.

About – Colin has been running dating bootcamps, closed group workshops, and working with clients on a private coaching basis since 2006 during which time he has learned a considerable amount about the self development process and how to help men with dating. Colin is a regular blog contributor, writer and speaker based in Sydney Australia.
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