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Pick Up Lines for Your Entertainment

Pick Up Lines for Your Entertainment

Pick Up Lines and Tactics That Just Don’t Work…

Some valuable insight into what attractive women go through on a regular basis. It’s interesting, entertaining and educational at the same time. Most guys think they are completely original with there pick up lines and tactics, but predictable would be more accurate. Don’t be one of these guys, do it differently with class and skill! Enjoy the read…

How Guys Try Pick Up Lines On Me, By Jade…

So thought I’d share my top 3 client pickup lines for your entertainment. Have changed names, the best story saved for last:

1/ Pick Up Lines – Josh, Foremen, 23yo; at his staff Xmas party.

Me: Hey Josh. How are you? Last time we spoke you were applying to get into the fire brigade. How’s it going for you?
Josh: Yeah well, I got right to the end, I mean RIGHT to the end. But then they found out about all me criminal convictions. I mean, they were a couple of years ago, but I’m reformed now. Would love to tell you about it over a drink…

2/ Mario, Company Director, my dad’s age, office meeting.

Mario: So, what are you doing for Xmas?
Me: I’m going to Thailand.
Mario: Will you be back by New Years?
Me: Yep.
Mario: So, Jade…. what are you doing New Years Eve? Would you, ahh …?
Me: (Cutting him off) I will definitely be up the coast. Thanks for the coffee, I’d best be off. Hope that Dee Why project doesn’t cause too much of a headache… (high tail it out of there)

3/ Matt, Project Manager, mid 40’s, admitted to having had 10 Beers, have never met in person, phone conversation.

Matt: (Talks crap about work for a while).
Me: So Matt, is there anything I can help you with?
Matt: Well, there is one thing. You came out to one of the sites today, and Dave said you were more than a bit alright. Can I take you for a drink tomorrow?
Me: Thanks, but it’s against company policy. You have a good night.
Matt: There was one other thing. Dave’s gonna ask you out tomorrow. I take it upon myself to let everyone know he has a gf already.
Me: Well thanks for the heads up. But again, it’s against company policy to date clients. You have a good night.
Matt: Well, technically I’m not a client anymore since moving companies. Will you meet me for a drink tomorrow?
Me: No. Goodnight Matt. (Should have stopped here, but it was too entertaining, especially with the slurring).
Matt: There’s something else. No guy in landscaping is ever going to date you, you know? Dave knows your ex pretty well.
Me: Yes, I know, they’ve had mutual friends for years.
Matt: (Completely serious) Well, he told everyone on site today that your ex is hung like a donkey, which is going to spread like wildfire. Apart from the fact that you’re hot, that’s way too intimidating for most guys. But not for me! I don’t get intimidated or jealous. My ex was a prostitute, and I used to drive her to her jobs. I might be the only guy confident enough for you. So, let me take you for a drink.
Me: (uncontrollably laughing at this point) Um, no. You have a lovely night. (Hang up)

Dave calls the next day to ask me for a dinner date…

So this is what it’s like for attractive women I hope you enjoyed the read…

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