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She Won’t Call Me Back

She Won’t Call Me Back

She doesn’t return my text messages…she won’t answer the phone… she won’t return my calls… Is this your experience of women and is it frustrating the hell out of you?

OK so it seems to me that this is a very common scenario with most guys. You meet a woman and get her phone number, you feel that you really hit it off, but when you go to call her back it seems to go dead. She does not answer the phone and she never calls back. Why does this happen?

Let’s talk about this…

During my coaching sessions with clients I always explain the concept of awareness setting you free. If you can understand something for what it really is you can deal with it. In this case –  not taking women failing to return calls so damn personally!

Lets first have a look at some common reasons why women don’t answer the phone or call back;

  1. She was never really that interested. Sure you had a conversation, perhaps you had things in common, shared a couple of laughs. She tolerated the interaction, found you polite, tolerable, but as far as dating and sex goes… She just cannot see you that way – ever! You’re not her type.
  2. She found you interesting and gave you her phone number because she was caught up in the moment, felt validated, a little something for you (at the time), but now a couple of days have passed and those feelings have worn off. She is not the kind of girl to meet a guy randomly she thinks to herself, you were nice but she’s not going there.
  3. Timing is also a big factor in why women don’t answer the phone or call guys back. If she is just recently out of a relationship, has had her heart broken by a fling or has her eye on somebody else, she may be unresponsive. BTW some women recently single may actually want to move on quickly to try to get over her ex but beware. they will ultimately not have the commitment level needed for more than a fling. She’s just not ready!
  4. Actual nervousness… Believe it or not a lot of girls are nervous to lead a guy on. What if she gets rejected or equally common, what if she loses interest and then has to reject you. It’s all too hard for these types of girls, too much anxiety involved as they decide it’s best just not to go there and remain single.

I work with both men and women so have a good insight into how women think. One commonality between the sexes is that we tend to take things personally. If somebody is not interested it must be because we are uninteresting! We never stop to think that perhaps it’s not about us but more about what’s going on for them.

If you are not what the other person wants then so what! There are so many opportunities out there to meet women you simply must move on…

How top deal with women that won’t answer your phone calls or call you back…

The first point to understand is that regardless of how good you are with the opposite sex you will ultimately come across these types of scenario’s. The more experience you have the better you get at noticing the early warning signs but it’s still unavoidable.

In my personal experience when I was dating I had to deal with all of these situations. There would be times when I was absolutely sure that we hit it off but she ultimately flaked. Other times I wasn’t as sure about the solidness of the interaction yet I always got a call back. Sometimes you just don’t know…

What I can say is that I have learned to spot the patterns of flaky women (over time) and generally, well at least 80% of the time I feel I can recognize what I’m dealing with – but you can only really do your best as ultimately you’re not a mind reader and can never truly know.

I hate to say it but it’s a number game…

Take from this that it’s a numbers game. It is a numbers game with skill and you do get better with women as your confidence, experience improve etc, but you are dealing with people and people can be unpredictable.

Never ever ever take it personally when it comes to dating. Dating is a roller coaster ride in itself and you need to expect these types of things to occur. The real concern is how you let it effect you. A little disappointment, frustration is OK but anymore can be troublesome. If you over react to everything a woman does then you drive yourself crazy – and this is not healthy!

I have always made a packed with myself and also coach my clients to never invest too emotionally into a girl until you have been out with her several times and can see some potential. I know it’s easier said than done but if you are out regularly meeting women then you will not be so fixated on any individual girl. You will spread yourself wide and when you begin to hit it off you can invest more. BTW this is the same advice I give to women on Day Game Dating4Women.

I hope you really grasp what I’m saying in the article. Dating is always unpredictable and if you are too attached to early on, this has the potential to back fire! Get out there, meet many women and over time as you get phone numbers and work them you will have a lot more success.

Thanks for reading,

About – Colin has been running dating bootcamps, closed group workshops, and working with clients on a private coaching basis since 2006 during which time he has learned a considerable amount about the self development process and how to help men with dating. Colin is a regular blog contributor, writer and speaker based in Sydney Australia.
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