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Smooth Day Game Approach

Smooth Day Game Approach

A lot of men ask what the differences are in meeting women between the day time and night time environments. Although your approach can be similar in both scenarios, both day and night effects her state of mind and it’s helpful to understand some of the differences to improve your success. Lets first take a look at both…

Day Game is very quite with little or no distraction. Most of the time it is just you and her. A club environment has a lot more going on such as loud music, alcohol, and her friends all circling around as they wait for guys to approach. And these guys will also be competition (another distraction).

With Day Game a woman can be very much in her own world. She is probably not expecting to be approached and most likely has things going on other then socializing with strange men. Things like work, studies, or even what she is going to cook for dinner….

When you go up to a woman on the street she will not expect to be approached as in a club environment. You have to focus very strongly on creating comfort and being non-threatening.

In a club you have external distractions. During the day you have internal (her) distractions.

Smooth Day Game…

The best way to make things natural and to begin creating this comfort is to actually verbalize why you are speaking to her. Saying something like “hey I wanted to meet you” is a great way to start. This releases the tension of why you’re talking to her and enables you to create comfort very quickly.

It also says to her that you are OK with approaching her. If you were embarrassed and were trying to hide what you are doing then you wouldn’t say it. Also understand that trying to hide the obvious by being sneaky about it can freak her out. Your obviously not comfortable within yourself and the fact that your awkward can make her feel awkward.

So the first step in any Day Game scenario is to create comfort. Understand that when she is comfortable then she will let her guard down and open up. She will be more open to a conversation and adding energy into the interaction.

A good day game approach is an important step in starting off  and will get her to notice you as well as generate interest.

I hope this gives you a bit of help with your efforts in practicing Day Game. If you want further detail I have written a free book that will go further into the topic.  Check it out FREE dating book

Thanks for reading.

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Day Game Dating

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