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Top 10 Dating Tips For Men 2015

Top 10 Dating Tips For Men 2015

Hi there from Craig, I hope you enjoy my post, on My Top 10 Dating Tips For Men 2014

There’s a reason why I included 2015 in the title. You see, everything’s changing and some of the most important changes that you must take note of (especially if you’re a single, hopefully not lonely, guy) are the changes in the dating scene.

Gone are the days when all you needed to know was the lady’s name and phone number. Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram make the dating scene more complicated, so to speak. So for those of you who are still trying to figure out how to ask a girl out, here are 10 tips that will help you prepare for the big day.

Number 1: No extra baggage allowed.

If you’re still trying to nurse a broken (beaten up and bleeding) heart, then hold the dating thought for a little while. No woman wants to talk to a guy who’s crying his eyes out over his ex. It’s not fair to them, and it certainly won’t be good for you.

Number 2: Ready, get set… just go.

For those who already know who they want to ask out, I say just go. Don’t second-guess yourself. And don’t prepare an elaborate speech. What are you, their teacher? Give them just a little something that will make them interested in you. And when you feel they’re already hooked, ask!

Number 3: Once she says yes, a little research won’t hurt.

Facebook, tools of the gods! If you’re already friends with her, then good for you. Get to know her a bit. The little stuff she puts on her wall will let you know what she’s interested in, so brush up on your healthy stalking skills.

Number 4: Punctual is not equal to too eager.

You arrive 5 minutes early? They’ll say what a really nice man! You call them an hour before the date? They’ll probably say what a really creepy guy.

Number 5: Be a darling and open the door for her.

Or do other things that show how much of a gentleman you are. But remember, chivalry is not just a thing of first dates. Real men practice it everyday.

Number 6: Ladies like Ryan Gosling because he cleans up well.

A shabby getup on a first date? A big no-no! Take a shower, comb your hair, and for the love of all that is glory, brush your teeth. Let her know that you took time out of your busy schedule to look good for her. It wouldn’t hurt to spray some manly perfume too!

Number 7: Drink and talk.

Keep in mind, however, to drink accordingly. A glass or two won’t hurt, this will keep both of you busy while you’re think of something else to talk about. Beyond that is questionable. Drink sparingly, and if you’re going to drive her home, don’t freak her out by ordering a whole bottle. Okay? Okay!

Number 8: She has some things to say too.

After dinner, ask her if she wants to take a walk. For some reason, girls feel more confident when you’re walking side-by-side with them. And it’s a good thing for you as it gives you more time to hand out with her (hold hands).

Number 9: How’s your car?

You are expected to bring your date home, so your car better be clean! That said; remove unnecessary things from your car before you leave home, especially the passenger’s seat.

Number 10: Say thankyou.

Regardless of how the date ended, you have to say you appreciate her time. Thank her for the wonderful conversation (trust me, they like it when you compliment their conversational skills), the wonderful night, and everything wonderful about her presence. Who knows? You might even score a date #2?

Written By Craig

Melbourne Day Game Dating Coach

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