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10 Tips For Meeting Women

10 Tips For Meeting Women

10 Tips For Meeting Women

My name is John – proud Day Game Dating coach. Please feel free to use my top 10 tips for meeting women. Colin is giving us more air time on the blog to write articles so here goes… Enjoy;

The best way that I find to start a conversation with women is to use something funny and direct. I would always stress that it’s your ATTITUDE behind the actual pick-up-line that ultimately determines how well a woman will respond to you. That’s said, humor placed in any interaction with women will always go a long way in helping your cause. Even if your pick-up-line is lame. If she knows you’re joking and slightly teasing her… This is a good thing!

If you feel great within yourself, you like yourself, and truly feel that you are a valuable and attractive man who simply wants to make these women laugh, you are already miles ahead. It’s this good spirited and care free attitude of yours that will come across in your approach with women. This will ensure you a good response.

It is a matter of taking this care free attitude of happiness and value and projecting it onto a woman (or group of women) for the purpose of generating a smile, a laugh, and the potential to create a good interaction for all involved.

Here Are My Top 10 Tips For Meeting Women that will achieve this (Again your attitude behind this is key to making it work). Use them and have fun. They will work for you as well as they have worked for me. They are different and show personality on your side of things.

1. She is on her mobile phone texting somebody, you lean over and say “send him my love” Smile

2. She is on her laptop, tell her you caught her looking at nude men, how could she? Look shocked with a smile

3. Two girls are having coffee, you walk in and ask “Is this your first date?”

4. Two girls are at a table having a drink, you pull up a chair, sit down and smile and start apologising for been so late, and ask them what they ordered for you

5. Walk around with a Frisbee, go to the park, spot some girls and yell “catch” throw the Frisbee at them (works well at the beach too)…

6. Girl is at the pub ordering drinks, ask her what drink she is buying you, tell her not to go overboard, beer is fine and you’re not that fussy

7. Ask a girl, who is smoking for a lighter, when she gives it to you, simply put it in your pocket and with a straight face, continue talking to your friend like nothing happened. (this one is hilarious) She should come over and laugh

8. Clink your drink glass (at a pub) with random girls glass, Say “Geez your rough, lets try that again”

9. High five girls, pretend that she hurt your hand, she will be apologetic while laughing

10. At the bookstore, she is reading a book, lean over a whisper, “gosh, free loader, uni education free of charge hey”

Try these, have fun with them and use them as a way to get an interaction going. This will start things off in the right way and allow a more light hearted interaction

This is what you want to achieve when you first approach a woman. Keep the interaction simple and light hearted.

If you want a full education of the process of steps to take, how to tease and flirt with women to really create a strong attraction and get into the important mindset of a guy that is successful with women. There are three Great options.

1, Download our eBook ‘Day Game to Girlfriend’

2, Take a “Day Game” Bootcamp

3, Take a “Night Game” Bootcamp

Thanks for reading and I hope to meet you in person soon.

Day Game Dating Coach John.

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