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Women And Clothing, By Dan Thomas Of Image Doctor

When it comes to attracting women, much of the attention is focused on how to approach, what to say, how to say it, and the many other factors that contribute to attracting the opposite sex.

Whilst All These Factors Are Critical, They Can Be Ruined Through Poor Clothing And Personal Grooming.

We form opinions of those we encounter in about three seconds, which is based purely on the nonverbal communication signals of body language, clothing and personal grooming. When you dress poorly, you are taking the attention off your charm, wit, confidence and humour, by forcing women to overcome the negative first impressions delivered through your poor image. This means the smoothest line or funniest joke can mean nothing, as the lady has made a snap judgement of you, long before you have even opened your mouth.

Your First Impression On Women

pick up women booksJust like a man driving an expensive car can create non-verbal messages of wealth, success, power, and attraction, these same messages can be created, when a man wears sharp and well-coordinated outfits that position him as somebody who takes pride in their appearance.  Whilst it’s not fair, we live in a superficial world where image matters, and if you want to stand a chance of having a successful social and professional life, you need to give your clothing and personal grooming the attention that it requires.

Place Your Best Foot Forward

Am I saying that you can’t be successful unless you present a positive image? Steve Jobs wearing his blue jeans, black turtle neck sweater and tennis sneakers, and Mark Zuckerberg’s trademark hoodie, jeans and Adidas thongs, are great examples of their being exceptions to all rules. But unless you’re sitting on the next Iphone or Facebook, the way you dress and groom yourself will directly impact your level of influence and success. The other critical factor of presenting a positive image is the added confidence that is gained when you look and feel good about yourself. Confidence is a priceless asset, and understanding how to dress well is a vital piece of the confidence puzzle.As an active participant in the Day Game Dating Community, you are privileged to have access to the theory, science and resources that have been developed to increase your chances of success in attracting and engaging with women. As you’ve learnt these new skills, your confidence and ability to attract women would no doubt have increased. If you compliment these skills with a more polished and sharp looking wardrobe, your confidence and ability to succeed with women will only increase further.

Image Doctor

Attracting Women Through DressI personally witness this increased confidence on a constant basis through my Image Doctor business. Image Doctor offers personal shopping and styling services for men, which makes the task of dressing wel,l and the hassle of clothes shopping a system rather than a guessing game. My core services involve taking men on guided shopping trips to assist them in choosing new clothing items and creating outfits that will help them create social and professional success and happiness.  I offer half or full day shopping experiences which not only update your wardrobe, but also teach you men’s style principles so you have the confidence to make killer impressions on a consistent basis. You can learn more about my men’s personal shopping and styling services here at www.imagedoc.com.auI’m also the founder of Improvemant.com which is a video blog offering regular videos covering men’s style, grooming, dating, sex and health topics. These topics are all useful and relevant in developing your knowledge and skills in attracting women so be sure to visit www.improvemant.com Just remember that your clothes are your visual resume, and women are presented with many CV’s to choose from.Thanks for reading,Dan Thomas