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Since 2008 I have personally helped 100's of men to meet and settle down with the woman of their dreams.

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How Dating and Relationship Coaching Works

Day Game Dating Workshops For MenI have developed a programme to help my clients improve their dating and relationship skills. In short, this is coaching at its best. If you are in a situation where you have tried to find a quality partner but still struggle to get there, it's worth taking a look at my services.

Why Hire Colin for Coaching?

  • Uncover why you continually fail to meet your ideal partner
  • Learn powerful strategies to fix the cycle of failure
  • Develop unshakable self-confidence with women and dating
  • Work with a proven step-by-step plan for finding a great relationship
  • Finally take control over this part of your life
  • Get strong support, feedback and guidance
  • Work with a coach who has helped hundreds of others before you

Dating and Relationship Coaching is a Four Step Process

This is a four step process lasting from three to twelve months depending on your circumstances.
  1. Establish Dating & Relationship Goals: I will help you (through a range of techniques) to establish and set your dating goals. These goals can alter depending on your situation.
  2. Devise a Suitable Coaching Plan: We perform a gap analysis determining your current challenges. We look closely at (internal & external) blocks and limiting beliefs to finding a relationship. Once complete, we take the information and devise an effective strategy plan.
  3. Implementation of Strategy Plan: We begin to follow the plan. Through regular dating coaching sessions we get you out there dating for the purpose of finding your ideal partner.
  4. Support, Feedback and Guidance onto Achievement of Relationship Goals: I hold you accountable throughout the process. My duty is to guide, and coach you through any challenges. This is my skill and why I am able to help you find your ideal partner.
Throughout the process I utilize a powerful set of coaching strategies to ensure a successful outcome.
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Further Outcomes of Coaching

You will benefit from coaching in many ways:
  • Learn powerful people skills that can be carried over to other areas of your life
  • Enhance motivation and creativity in your Interactions
  • Feel empowered to meet new people
  • Build a much desired social circle of quality people
  • Feel happier and more well-balanced

Want to Try it Out?

  1. We have a brief 20 minute phone consultation to cover your current challenges while determining if working together will be effective.
  2. We set up a 60 minute coaching session.
  3. We devise a suitable coaching strategy and goal attainment plan.
  4. Implementation and execution of strategy & plan
My coaching regimen involves: weekly sessions, homework tasks, strict accountability, all while offering constant feedback, guidance and support.I am very experienced at what I do, I love what I do and have helped many clients to find a relationship. Take the time to talk with me on the phone - there is no cost. We will quickly determine if coaching is for you and the powerful benefits of working together.We all need a personal development plan, a road-map for achieving our goals.


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