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Meeting Women Online

Meeting Women Online

Lead Sources For Meeting Women

Attractive Women
Dating Lead Sources For Men
The first step of meeting women is to actually work out how and where to find them. We coined the term lead sources which we kind of stole from the sales industry. In essence, if you want to improve your success in dating, you must know where to find women. What are the ways you will go about doing this?Some examples might be Day Game, going out at night, attending Meet Up groups, and learning new skills such as dancing, ice skating, whatever… These are your lead sources.

Meeting Women Online

What makes an attractive woman? She must have a great energy, have good morals (mostly), and be fun-loving, sassy and solid, while at the same time I go for a specific look. Let’s just say that my idea of what makes a woman physically attractive is probably similar to yours- she stands out!I have discovered through personal experience and working (part-time) as a dating coach, the power of internet dating. I have met and dated the most attractive women; women that you would never think would hang out online. Sites like RSVP, Aussie Match Maker, and EHarmony are great places to begin. I have used these sites for years and as mentioned have done very well. I also urge my clients (and you) to give it a go.

How To Begin With Online Dating

Online dating is not that difficult and you can begin today. The most important thing is to pick a site and start slowly. You need a set of quality photos- profile and activity shots (no photos with your shirt off). Once you are happy with your look, it is time to write your profile. Writing the profile is a bit of an art but I will give you some pointers.Make sure you come across active and describing any activities and hobbies you’re involved in. Try to add some humour into your writing while being mature. Most importantly avoid all spelling and grammar errors. Poor writing is a huge turnoff for attractive women who date online.I created a program Dating Lead Sources For Men. This program covers online dating in further detail along with some other strategies. If you want information on our coaching packages and workshops, please call 1800 753 087I will be positing more articles in the future.Catch ya soon,