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As an accumulation of my experiences and insight into the area of dating, I knew that I needed to put everything together in an easy-to-understand manual – that is why I wrote this book. I decided to name it “Day Game to Girlfriend” because that is exactly what happens.

You study it, go out during the day to apply it, date women, and then get a girlfriend. This is the material that we teach in our bootcamps that get our clients those amazing results.

This book is filled with information – sorted, refined and written in a way that is guaranteed to see you having results! It has taken me many years to work it out and perfect it. Now it’s finally available in this book. Everything in this book has been field tested and taught to clients.

To put it simply "IT WORKS"! And NOW you can learn it too in the comfort of your own home!


 How To Tease And Flirt With WomenHow to Tease And Flirt With Women

Attract Women

"I have written this book as a guide to help the average man improve the way that he communicates with women. I notice it all of the time and it pains me to see boring communication. Well I used to be the same so I do understand where you are coming from. The way that a guy communicates with a woman says a lot about him"

In this book you will learn...

The different ways that regular guys and successful guys communicate with womenI will teach you the specifics of teasing women and how to do it to generate massive positive responses. Learn about the natural steps from teasing to flirting, and how to transition. Read real life examples of interactions with women, so you can learn about the ways to build sexual tension.READ MORE >

What it really takes to attract women is a real man!Life Philosophy

I want you to become the ultimate natural when it comes to meeting and attracting women. I believe that real and permanent change in your life is a must, and having a Life Philosophy is vital.

You will be able to use this philosophy as a guide, a template, a road map to get you through. If you want to be the type of man that truly is capable of attracting the best women out there...

You must be the best that you can possibly be! This life philosophy is my gift to you as I believe that it will assist you on your journey.READ MORE >

How To Get a Date Audio ProgramDating Lead Sources For Men

If you sit at home waiting for women to drop in from the sky then you'll be waiting forever. You need places to meet women and this is where our audio program Dating Lead Sources For Men will help...Where are some of the key venues to meet women and more importantly how will you work these venues. Be honest with yourself, you want to get a  girlfriend but your not even dating. This audio program offers in-depth advice on what it takes to find and then date women.


The Art Of Dating For men How To Get A GirlfriendThe Art Of Dating For Men

So you have a date but what do you do, when do you call, where do you meet, and most importantly, how do you make sure that things transition smoothly from the initially phone number to a physical level.As coaches we get the question all the time... I have the number, now what?..The Art Of Dating For Men is a 2 part audio program designed from the ground up, from Colin's personal arsenal of tips, strategies, and advice to get your woman to date you, make out with you, and, well... You know the rest. If you want to date her then you need to know how to court her.READ MORE >