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I was asked for a testimonial and was happy to do so. I experienced top quality training and customer service from the beginning. I got nothing but good things to say about these guys and when finally deciding to go ahead I knew I had made a good choice. Please keep up the good work!Baz Queensland To whom it may concern. I attended a group session over the weekend. This was a daytime course where we went out around Adelaide to approach women. I got to fix many of the mistakes I was making prior and also met some lovely fellow attendees. I only met one of the coaches (John) but I would assume they are all just as good. I am happy to refer on Day Game Dating.Benny SA

I attended the Melbourne bootcamp over the weekend. I am happily writing this testimonial to endorse Day Game Dating. I met John who was our coach for the day an he did everything he could to make us feel welcome. John is very smooth with the girls but also a good teacher which is equally as important. I am very happy with my progress and would definitely do it again.Roland, Vic

Thanks guys, real great workshop and lots to take home.Chris, Vic

I have recently finished a coaching package with Colin. Having recently split up with my ex fiance and moved to Sydney, I needed a strong mentor to get me back on track. I am writing this to give a big thanks and also encourage you to give him a go. I will also be looking to do a live course someday when I'm ready. I trust the company completely.Ryan, NSW

This is a very professional company, they work hard and do deliver on all promises made. I knew that approaching women would be challenging but I got through it with their equally as impressive teachings. I am happy to endorse them and talk to anyone looking for feedback.Carl M. Queensland

A big thank you to Craig for running such an enjoyable event. I will take you up on your offer fr a second round as you are truly an inspiration! I highly recommend you join one of his courses. Thanks buddy,R.G. ACT

Great work gents and thanks for a memorable and enjoyable weekend. I will be coming back for another soon.Bill, NSW

Worked several times with the company, did some workshops on the Gold Coast. This is the best company to use for this type of service having gone through the whole thing before. They have a different spin on things that just fits in so well with the way I am - In fact I believe anybody would benefit from their workshops. This is my testimonial and recommendation they asked of me. I am happy to do so.Ian, Bellingen

I did a private weekend coaching course with Colin in June 2014. Put simply, it is one of the rewarding things I have ever done.Colin provided a highly refined and tailored coaching course which addressed my own issues with approaching and talking to women. He took the time to get to know me and get a feel for my own personal bottlenecks when meeting women.Armed with this knowledge he was able help me become self aware of my own issues and give me tools to help address those negative beliefs. This is the inner work that Colin often talks about. The techniques and tools Colin taught me have helped me immensely when addressing my personal issues and are (still) helping me develop me a strong self belief in myself. This self belief has enabled me to do some thing I honestly thought I wouldn't do before I met Colin, approach random women I like down the street in ordinary situations. I was that anxious about approaching women that I never thought I would do it, even in the few minutes before I met Colin,I recall thinking to myself, I am going to look like an idiot because I won't be able to bring myself to approach women. A few hours later I was in a place I would never have thought I would reach, having approached over 40 random women in various situations over the night and day. 40 women - by a man who had never cold approached 1 woman before and the mere thought would make me squeamish.Colin has changed my mindset dramatically, in just a day and a night. Now I won't go through a day without approaching a woman. I have no hesitation in approaching women, anywhere, anytime. I didn't think that a coaching course could change me so quickly, but it has. Don't get me wrong, you need to want to change your life and the way you think. But if you have that motivation,Colin will tap into it and help push you through your fears of approaching and talking to beautiful women. The best thing about it though is that Colin doesn't teach 'material' or 'pick up lines'. Instead, he teaches you to be yourself - which is how the attraction game should be played by a man. Once the session is over, Colin leaves you with the tools to keep you going once he has left. I suggest not just relying on books, I have read books on dating and approaching women. None of it helped. I never started approaching women after reading a book on the topic. I needed a coach to stand by, make sure I approached and give me the support I needed to make sure I approached again and again. I needed a coach to give me feedback to refine my own personal style. I needed a coach to show me how it was done. Doing the cold approaches yourself is the only way to achieve success in this field.Colin knows this and will have you approaching amazing women you never thought you would approach in your life. He is also an amazingly good guy and is always available to discuss my progress and help me avoid set backs. I am now getting phone numbers from great women and can see my skills rapidly developing with each approach. Colin put me on the path to achieving success with women, it does take effort, nothing in life comes easy, but if you want it but don't know how to get it, I strongly suggest that you give Colin a call and ask him to help you. He will be able to help.Peter, SA

How are you?It was nice working with you recently. I feel I have opened up alot and can have a chat with anyone at anytime. You have been more than just a mentor to me guiding me, opening my mindset and making me feel good about myself. I reckon these changes in me will help me in the long run as opposed to just in the dating scene. I have realised that it all depends on your mindset- If I am happy and talk to anyone it says it all as opposed to forcing myself talking to people.The last boot camp session, wherein I only approached someone when no negative thoughts came in my mind has helped alot. I follow this approach now, when ever I think or get negative thoughts, I stop myself there and then. The techniques you have taught me help me stay in control all the time. I have finally understood that it is the mindset and the inner work that is of utmost importance and I still remember the words you used to tell me "The difference between us and apes is that we have a mind and they do not".I have realised that once we control our mind and speak whats inside it, nothing else really matters. I used to be scared and afraid of talking to random people; but now, if my mindset is right I can talk to anyone. The body language tips is something which I was never aware of earlier. I used to always talk to someone bending down, never display confidence in my words and talk in a very soft manner. This has changed completely after working with you over the past. In addition to all of the above, I have stopped worrying and caring about what people think most of the time. Previously I used to watch myself all the time to ensure I don't have a bad impression amongst my friends. After working with you I have realised that all this does not matter. True friends and people are those who accept someone irrespective of the way he / she acts or reacts.If i try to hide myself from who I am, I will not be truthful to myself, not be happy with myself and not portray to others the true me, thereby creating an artificial world.Thanks for this again. Thanks again. I look forward to hearing from you and would love another session with you soon I have found a very good friend in you and will be in touch with you in the years to come.Adrian, VIC

Helluva course...I'm enlivened, encouraged, enlightened, and (to an extent) indebted.The course is structured so well that most would not understand it's depth - you've done a masterful job As a result of the course I now have a clear idea of what I was doing incorrectly and why my previous interactions didn't take me anywhere.My conversations were linear and factual. They were 'safe' and as I found out - no-one could get turned on or stay turned on by them. There was nothing to nourish the suggestion that sex was on the table.It's been a fascinating experience, and a mildly confronting start to my journey towards mastery of this.It was great meeting you and Sam. Thanks againJohn NSW

I cannot thank you enough for showing me my potential and a different way to live during the weekend's workshop. Demonstrating that the fear of rejection and social outcasting only exists in my mind is only the tip of the iceberg.The whole notion of picking up women has suddenly appeared to be irrelevant now that you have provided me with the tools to completely change everything that is wrong with me. You have made me realise that my negative thought patterns, pleasing people and reliving the past is holding me back.I have started to read "The Power of Now" and it is all becoming very obvious, and had I not met you I would not have had this epiphany. I'm not saying that I'm suddenly enlightened and a completely new man, however you have given me a new focus which can only be an improvement.Aaron

Thank you Colin for the amazing private coaching sessions. You have changed my life when it comes to women and dating. I understand what needs to be done to get the results I desire and you have helped me to achieve my goals.When you first started working with me, you said that you had faith in me and knew I would make major progress. I wasn’t so sure but I stuck with it. You proved yourself right!Again Colin I would like to congratulate you on a job well done. Thanks again for everything. I wish you all the best of success for the future.Barry M

I am very pleased with the results I have achieved after taking a club boot camp with you guys. I have found that approaching girls and getting attraction is very simple when you know what to do. I have gained some great insights and loads of confidence. I would recommend your company to any man looking to improve their skills.Alex

Thank you to you Colin and the team at Day Game Dating. I got a lot out of the coaching session, I learnt that most of the stuff is about improving my mental picture of this area of my life, I also gained a lot of confidence in being able to think that I could quite simply go up and speak to a girl without any real thought and everything would be okay, for you it probably sounds weird but for myself it was the case of thinking where do I start.I have mates that wouldn’t have the guts to do that. As I said to you I wanted to focus on areas that I can improve on, which after your session I can see it is learning to being able to keep a conversation and keeping it going, then flirt and keep it light hearted and then get it to progress from there. I can see that I was being labelled a good bloke but not really sparking anything because I was not flirting and trying to be nice to get them to like me.Jim

Many thanks for yesterday's bootcamp. My confidence levels seems to have boosted already. Went to play squash this morning and happened to meet this chick in the morning, who was working part time at the courts. We got along really well and asked her if she would like to catch up some time.Ajay

Hi Colin,Thanks for our meeting yesterday, it was good fun and what a great outcome! I've learnt a lot in that one day, and no doubt I have will have fun with this and hopefully learn more with practice of your techniques :)Your coaching inspires confidence and is very positive, I think you do great work. I've written up our notes, and will keep a journal as you suggested.I would be happy to attend your networking seminarThanks Clinton

Hi Colin,Thanks heaps for the feedback, however above all, Thank you immensely for reviving me. I have stepped back some fifteen years or so, where i prided myself on "dancing like no-one was watching" If you ever need a hand in life, do not hesitate to ask!Daniel

I was very impressed by Colin's professionalism in conducting the bootcamp throughout the entire process from beginning to end.But more importantly, Colin genuinely cares about improving men so that they become better human beings. So that men can lead more fulfilling, well rounded lives.Colin doesn't just teach you lines to say (in fact, you'd be surprised by how simple his opener is when you take his bootcamp). He teaches you to change your mindset and outlook on life so that the confidence in approaching women will come naturally (in time of course!).Once you finish the bootcamp, you aren't left floundering on your own. Colin will answer your emails and forum posts. He's there to help fellas."Best wishes,Leo NSW

Dear Colin,I am happy to act as a referral for your services at Day Game Dating. I was very pleased with the way the course was run and the progress that I clearly have made. I will follow through as I am committed. I have bought the books you mentioned and am keeping a journal. I hope you do well in the future as you deserve it.Marvin, ACT

Well done fellas.I must say I was surprised at the ability that you boys posses. You talk the talk but most importantly walk the walk. You demonstrate everything you teach and we get to see it work in person. I was able to follow your lead and get myself some phone numbers.Great job, keep it up!Campsie NSW

I attended a Boot camp on Saturday with three other guys. I have never aproached girls on the street and I must admit I was very nervous. Colin sat us all down for breakfast at the start of the day and went through everything in great detail. The information alone would have been enough to get me started.We then went off to approach chicks with Colin leading the way. I saw things that I never new were possible and most importantly I did things that I never thought were possible. The energy and the buzz of the day was truly amazing. I got three phone numbers and an email.If you are not sure to go ahead and book in for the Boot camp then I will make you're decision easy. Do It!I had a great time and learnt so much.Thank youBrian, Botany NSW

To all who are reading this. Colin and Kelly and the rest of the team at Day Game Dating. Thank you thank you thank you and thank you. Professional, helpful, insightful and fun. I loved the boot camp. My future is looking up big time! I have attended other courses in dating. This one is by far the best! The style taught is very natural and feels very normal. I Highly recommend it.Ryan, Penrith NSW

I am writing this letter of referral to all the men out there who are looking to sort out their dating issues. I have been struggling to meet girls all of my adult life. I am successful and run my own company in travel. A good friend of mine put me onto Colin and after having a consultation, I decided to go ahead with the private coaching option. Is it cheap? No! I am very fortunate to be in the position to have taken advantage of the private coaching and I must say it was 110% worth it!
Colin has a very unique ability to interpret and explain the principals in a way that insures I understand them. Having just completed six weeks of coaching I truly feel inspired.I have had so many positive interactions and meetings and phone numbers from girls this past 6 weeks that I feel like a real champ. I have a whole new out look on this part of my life and my self confidence is truly incredible.I would highly recommend Colin's services to any man out there who struggles with dating.Best regardsJoe

To Colin and the rest of the team,Thank you very much for a great weekend. I enjoyed the day on Saturday and got loads of information out of it. As I mentioned I didn't have issues approaching. I just needed some help following through and getting phone numbers and dates. The theory was great. The demonstrations were impressive. You do what you say you will do and your follow up making sure that I'm on track is very pleasing.I am looking forward to having a lot more dating success.Howard, NSW

Wow! I am still buzzing from Saturday. I must admit I was some what apprehensive about coming to Sydney to learn to meet women. From the moment I decided to sign up for a Boot camp, I was instantly impressed with the service and professionalism of Day Game Dating. I was followed up promptly with all of my questions and very satisfied with the answers received. Kelly, you were also wonderful in your assistance in recommending accommodation and insuring I was all set to arrive for the big day. Colin. Thank you. From the venue chosen, to the way the course was conducted through out the day was immensely refreshing. The materiel and insight into the dating world and the whole guy meets girl thing was truly mind blowing. I am not the type of person to really talk things up but I was very impressed! I felt so proud of myself to be able to go out into the real world and interact with women. What an experience. For a long time I have always had to settle for the women that have come into my life. Now I feel like I have more choice. I would like to say a big thank you to the team at Day Game dating.Good luck with the future and no doubt I will be attending more coursesMatt, VIC

Thank you so much for all the help you have given me. I cant believe how much insight and understanding of the whole pick up scene that I now have. Colin, thank you so much for pushing me into doing all those approaches and making sure that I did things correctly each time round. I'm also impressed with the follow up and service all round.Thanks againPhil, Bondi NSW

Hi Colin,Firstly, I'd just like the thank you again for a truly enlightening & life changing weekend. I was standing in line at the supermarket checkout, after having struck up a conversation with a girl while shopping, thinking about things & thought to myself "I'd better check my stance" & guess what? I was standing exactly as I should be with a smile on my face!!!! This caused an even bigger smile. Then had an upbeat conversation with the checkout chick & same again hen I went into the bakery next door. I could just sense from them that they were happy to talk to a customer with a positive & cheeky attitude. All the time working on eye contact, deeper breathing & lowering my voice. I now find myself wanting to go into shops & buy shit just to talk to all the hotties behind the counter.This was not the case before the boot camp. I'm excited!! There was no real reason for me not to have confidence, but I just didn't have a real lot of it. The boot camp was just the ticket to put things in perspective for me and give me the confidence I knew I had in me.Like a lot of things over the weekend, the bit on neediness make absolute sense but I would never had thought of it by myself.I'm still writing & refining my notes, started reading the books recommended & looking for a salsa class to join in.I know Rome wasn't built in a day, but I'm looking forward to getting the walls up quick smart!!! The girls wont know what hit them shortly.....I feel 10 feet tall & bullet proof!!!!Rex

I am writing this as an indication of the experience I had with Colin and John. These guys took us out for the weekend and showed us step by step how to MEET GIRLS!!! We did it as a group and the support they gave me really helped. I received a full written report the following week and lots and lots of follow up from them to make sure I continue learning and dont give up. I wish them the best of luck for the future.James, VIC

To Colin and the team at Day Game Dating. I just want to say that you are all doing a wonderful job. You are honest and truly care about helping guys like me. After the bootcamp we all met up for coffee later in the week to go over what you taught us. We all agreed on how wonderful the experience was and how well you know your subject. I recommend the bootcamp to all men who want to learn about day game.
Alan, NSW

Dear Colin & JohnI would like to thank you for a very pleasant and educational weekend. I enjoyed all the information and constant feedback during my interactions. I'm glad I made the decision to go ahead and attend your workshop. I am looking forward to joining you again in the future.Brad NSW