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Why Doesn’t She Return My Text?

Why Doesn’t She Return My Text?

Non-returned Text Messages, How Frustrating!

How frustrating, it’s hard enough to get a number in the first place. First you must approach her, hopefully have a positive interaction, and then ask for her phone number; and after all this she still won’t return your text...

Most Guys New To Day Game Take It Personally

You’re so bad with women that they don’t want to date you. After trying so hard, approaching and getting phone numbers, you still secretly feel that no woman wants you. No returned text message simply affirms this belief. You take it personally and feel pretty bad!She wont return my textWatch out for this (common) destructive thought loop. There may be more going on than meets the eye. Just because she shared her details does not mean she intended to see you again. It’s not about you being an unattractive loser, she just didn’t feel like it. You got to keep working on your skills.

Meeting Women

Every guy that is working to improve will come across unresponsive women (especially in the early stages). As frustrating as it is; this is all part of learning. If you want to date more women, you got to have a thick skin! The chances of a woman returning your text messages are generally lower when first starting out, why? Below are a few reasons;Lack Of Congruence: You’re not congruent enough in your belief that Day Game can work for you. She picks up on this and doesn’t bother- even though she gave you the digits.Limiting Beliefs: You also struggle to believe that attractive women will like you. Again she feels your self-doubt and will not respond.Pick Up Skills: You have (very) average pick-up skills and meeting women is a big blur. She sensed that you are new to this and lost interest.Trying Too Hard: Less is more, the less you want it the more you get. The less you try the better you do. When you are new you probably try too hard to make it work.

Women Can Be Hard To Figure Out

Very Sexy WomanWhat’s interesting in all of these scenarios is that regardless, she still gave you her details. She just didn’t feel like she could follow it through. This is confusing because if she never intended to return your calls, why bother! I can’t give you all the answers ( I don’t know why) but what I will tell you is that “often times experience and success will sort it out.” Picking up women has a lot to do with belief.Don’t give up, the day that you approach a woman and she senses your congruent confidence and authentic self-belief, you may find her actually calling you.Here is a bit of Monday inspiration. I Hope it helps! Thanks for reading,